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  1. SDBoardHoarder
  2. Islander1341
    Say “Yes” to friends and adventure.
  3. ironmace7
  4. BrazilButtNut
    Just a dude who's looking for some ice cold Coors and a good time
  5. ironmace7
    ironmace7 JBorbone
    Hi, did the Burrito sell? What were you asking? Missed the swap due to decent waves. Thanks, Mike in Manasquan
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    2. JBorbone
      Hi Mike, Someone from Rhode Island messaged me about the Burrito on Sunday AM. I'm waiting to receive money from him. If it falls through I'll message you immediately.
      Oct 9, 2018 at 1:46 PM
  6. 808bmx
    808bmx d123
    Aloha Dan. Have a buddy in LA for a day or two that is interested in you Super Chief. Can you call or text Mark at 808-255-5489.
  7. Dawnpatrol
    Dawnpatrol Oldmanparker
    Are you still interested in my collection of Surfers Journals? I'll be down at Dana Point around October 22 and can bring em down.
    1. Oldmanparker
      Yes. Sounds like a plan. I am in Los Angeles. Culver City.
      Sep 29, 2018
  8. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez cuda
    What are the dimensions of the Mandala?
  9. jtw9301
    jtw9301 Largoazul
    I'm pretty sure I have your Positive Force, Rainbow Hobie Logo? I got it from a friend who picked up at a shop in Maine. Great board, its a regular rider.
  10. sk8thom