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  1. SiStevied
    LOVE buying, selling, trading boards. Interested in fishes, gliders, bonzers and simmons made for legend size guys.
  2. Beth
    Beth ekim
    Hi Eric. Did u ever sell that andreini magic Sam?
  3. nedsurf
    nedsurf Surfnfish
    In regards to who could do a good job on a board, you might give Jim Phillips a shout since you'll be in the area. Can't go wrong with his ability (ask anybody), and I know that this time of year his order load is down so he might be able to get you what you want when you need it. Tell him I said Hi when you talk with him.

  4. Thor
    Thor retrorider
    RR - anymore pics on the Hansen?
  5. DriftW
    Across the universe
  6. CT Charlie
    CT Charlie
    Surf, 3ft @ 8 seconds. Super summer fun
  7. 21 Windows
    21 Windows FirstPointEric
    Hey, Im interested in your fin, would $35 shipped to 93405 work? Let me know if so thanks!
  8. Ticowannabe
    i wish i had time, we are on a whirl wind tour, and i really need to get back to CR
  9. DMHusker
    DMHusker 70s SanO
    John, did you used to work for Raytheon?
  10. DKNJ
    DKNJ IslandBreeze
    i am interested in your Zeph. would you consider an offer of $700