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  1. Surfboard Police
  2. 808bmx
    808bmx AndrewSamuel
    DID you sell your board? I’m interested.
  3. John
    John OCSURFER32
    Hi Tom - wondering if you can help. Im Trying to buy a board from Applekat in FL and get it to OCMD. I figure you have sent boards up and down the coast. Any ideas how to get the board from Florida? Thanks John
  4. waveslider619
    waveslider619 gocarts
    Hi Ill Take the Liddle SS I'm in San Diego I can come up. Could you send photos
  5. 306Bing
    306Bing Eugene
    Hey Eugene, if you have pics of the boards you are looking to sell send me as many as you can and I can have someone I know look at them. Hes got about 30 Greg Nolls and I am sure he'd know value. My cell is 610-613-9398 or if easier my email is I have a lopez hanging in my office so send me that one too.
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  6. Dawnpatrol
    Dawnpatrol chris a
    Hey Chris! Jeff C. just sent me a post about a book written by Angelo J. Ghio and Earl Hohlmayer entitled: "If you take care of 'em they will last" Its a book about the history of the Monterey Clipper. I've searched high and low for the book to no avail. Have you seen this book? Know where I can purchase a copy? Thanks...………..Tom P.S. Have ya had the Greenough out fishing?
  7. jgilliga90
    jgilliga90 306Bing
    Man, can't believe I missed that Spherical Revolver. I've been looking for one for a long time, and that is a nice length. I just bought a Trimulux 9'4" from Heritage but haven't ridden it yet. Do you have any experience with one? Seems like Matt may have added a little more rocker compared to the earlier models?
  8. waaahoo
    waaahoo slosurf
    Hey Slo, you still around the DC area?
  9. aqualung
    aqualung twizzly
    Twizzly, we miss ya man !!
  10. Bruce Fowler