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  1. Dawnpatrol
    Dawnpatrol chris a
    Hey Chris! Jeff C. just sent me a post about a book written by Angelo J. Ghio and Earl Hohlmayer entitled: "If you take care of 'em they will last" Its a book about the history of the Monterey Clipper. I've searched high and low for the book to no avail. Have you seen this book? Know where I can purchase a copy? Thanks...………..Tom P.S. Have ya had the Greenough out fishing?
  2. jgilliga90
    jgilliga90 306Bing
    Man, can't believe I missed that Spherical Revolver. I've been looking for one for a long time, and that is a nice length. I just bought a Trimulux 9'4" from Heritage but haven't ridden it yet. Do you have any experience with one? Seems like Matt may have added a little more rocker compared to the earlier models?
  3. waaahoo
    waaahoo slosurf
    Hey Slo, you still around the DC area?
  4. aqualung
    aqualung twizzly
    Twizzly, we miss ya man !!
  5. Bruce Fowler
  6. MDM
    MDM Lackosense
    How’s that Propper Ride? I just picked up a clean 9 6 here in Nh
  7. Nilus
    Nilus goofyDuda
  8. John
    John DanSan
    I saw that you have a couple of vernors. His boards have popped up in my local shop on the east coast and they look good and are priced well. His longboards are popular but I've been eyeing one of his eggs. What do you think about the workmanship? I noticed he has a ton of shortboard models so he must be making lots of boards. Thanks
  9. 21 Windows
    21 Windows Spicoli
    I wish you were closer to San Luis Obispo, I would buy your Harbour for sure!
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  10. Cbowbo
    Cbowbo JBorbone
    Saw you were interested in a G&S Magic, via your post on the Craigslist Deal postings. I have one here in New Jersey that I was thinking about letting go. I thinks it's 7'2" with a Waveset fin. When I bought the board it didn't have a fin so I ordered one from Juan Rodriguez at One World. Think the fin cost me around $150. Let me know if you're interested or you don't purchase the one in Florida. Jim