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  1. John
    John DanSan
    I saw that you have a couple of vernors. His boards have popped up in my local shop on the east coast and they look good and are priced well. His longboards are popular but I've been eyeing one of his eggs. What do you think about the workmanship? I noticed he has a ton of shortboard models so he must be making lots of boards. Thanks
  2. 21 Windows
    21 Windows Spicoli
    I wish you were closer to San Luis Obispo, I would buy your Harbour for sure!
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  3. Cbowbo
    Cbowbo JBorbone
    Saw you were interested in a G&S Magic, via your post on the Craigslist Deal postings. I have one here in New Jersey that I was thinking about letting go. I thinks it's 7'2" with a Waveset fin. When I bought the board it didn't have a fin so I ordered one from Juan Rodriguez at One World. Think the fin cost me around $150. Let me know if you're interested or you don't purchase the one in Florida. Jim
  4. R1H
    R1H cheyneskeezer
    Cheyne why the sale? I thought you loved this bd? Selling to finance a new custom?
  5. glidewaves
    glidewaves NewportLogger
    Have you sold that Gun Log yet. I'd like to pick it up and get it to the east coast. I can make shipping arrangements if you could drop it off.

  6. carsnsurfing
    carsnsurfing Surph
    Hi.... are you interested in selling the DWLW?? I saw you were looking to trade it
  7. Grubo
    Grubo hangeleven
    Hey hangeleven, bummed I never got those pics of your Travis R. And unfortunately my fish is gone! I was holding it for you as long as i could but I’m still interested in your Travis R. if you want to trade for another of my boards or sell it?
  8. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez DKNJ
    Do you still have the mitsven
  9. Bob Duerr
    Bob Duerr
    For Sale - Hansen 50/50 Mini - 7'6" x 23" RARE LOGO Serial #17638 Doyle screw in pivot fin 1966 x 1968 $ 1,500.00
  10. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez DKNJ
    Hello, are the rails very tapered on the mitsven?
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    2. DKNJ
      Mitsven foils his boards to perfection. nose & tail are thinned & responsive but plenty of foam on the stringer for paddle power
      Apr 30, 2018