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  1. CT Charlie
    CT Charlie
    Surf, 3ft @ 8 seconds. Super summer fun
  2. 21 Windows
    21 Windows FirstPointEric
    Hey, Im interested in your fin, would $35 shipped to 93405 work? Let me know if so thanks!
  3. Ticowannabe
    i wish i had time, we are on a whirl wind tour, and i really need to get back to CR
  4. DMHusker
    DMHusker 70s SanO
    John, did you used to work for Raytheon?
  5. DKNJ
    DKNJ IslandBreeze
    i am interested in your Zeph. would you consider an offer of $700
  6. Thunder Chicken
  7. Left Coast 46
    Left Coast 46 Ticowannabe
    Hey man!! Hope all is well. Just to keep you up to speed, heading to Puerto Rico, in a couple weeks to check it out, then the Dominican in November, Panama after that and then back to another part of Costa Rica after that. I'm stuck in CR, but might as well check out the world and surf other places.
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    2. Left Coast 46
      Left Coast 46
      Fat fingers.... I meant on Costa Rica. I wish I was stuck in Costa Rica
      Jun 25, 2017
    3. Ticowannabe
      Ah, yes travel is great. I have been to the Dominican Republic but that was for a golf trip, people say good things about PR but I have not made it there yet...let me know if/when you are back in CR, our casita is getting close to being done and our main house has just started we are back stateside this week , my son is getting married in La jolla
      Jun 26, 2017
    4. Left Coast 46
      Left Coast 46
      Dude! well when your in Laj olla, shoot me a text, I'm down for a surf. 951-634-5624
      Jun 27, 2017
  8. Left Coast 46
    Left Coast 46 TonyPR
    Planning a trip to PR in early July. We are wanting to look for properties. Are you interested in putting some properties together to look at while we are there? We want to be in a safe place with good waves. Please text or call me at 951-634-5624
    Also where should we fly into to make it easy??

    Thanks for your help,
    Tim Manning
  9. hullogfish
    hullogfish strez
    Hi, sorry to take so long. I am definitely interested in the fin. Let me know what works for you!
  10. Cbb1
    Cbb1 zippy
    How did you like your Tyler Wingnose. Was reading thread on 9'8" you owned for a year.

    Thanks, LMK

    1. zippy
      Hi Chuck, I probably should have kept that board, it was very fun but heavy and flat. Tail had a little kick in it. Since then I had one Jim Phillips 10' Pig that rode similar but IMO better. If I had a choice I would get the Phillips Pig again. I think the boards are comparable but the Pig was much more maneuverable for me partially because it was lifhter. I'm currently riding an old 9'4" Takyama (90s) that I love.
      Jun 1, 2017