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  1. glidewaves
    glidewaves estcstsurfer
    I might be going up. I live north of Towson and have a place near Asbury Park.
  2. Rydogg
    Rydogg kpd73
    Sent ya an email, thanks!
  3. Kingkook
    Kingkook Mizrachi
    I sold mine but I ride my friends all the time. The truth is that it is a great all-around board. I rode it in my way overhead Costa Rica and it held up great. I have been writing a Mc Vee from Andreini and enjoying it also. I would consider that as a great option toO.. my friend likes to ride my Andreini more than I like to write his Fowler LOL
  4. Ticowannabe
    Ticowannabe Dawnpatrol
    hey where do you usually surf up there, one of my neighbors daughters surfs at westport and she is here for a month
  5. Ticowannabe
    Ticowannabe Dawnpatrol
    doing pretty well Tom, sorry to hear about your tumble, i have had back and knee issues all year but finally maybe over it for a while, got cort injections in both knees a couple of weeks ago and it helped a lot.
    what did you do during the fall?
    1. Dawnpatrol
      Fucked up my neck. Man it the shitz to get old. Takes forever to heal up.
      Mar 11, 2018
  6. Ticowannabe
    Ticowannabe Dawnpatrol
    Hey tom how goes it
    1. Dawnpatrol
      John, its going but slowly. Had a few setbacks this winter having fallen off a ladder but getting back slowly. How are you and Terry doing down there?
      Mar 11, 2018
  7. dgarland10
    dgarland10 cheyneskeezer
    Do you know width and thickness of the Macullum?
  8. Makawaosurfer93
  9. FryedGuy
    FryedGuy DownSouthSlidah
    After seeing your quiver I'm guessing you're not the man I sold it to. I truly hope you enjoy the board and I'm glad to see it in the hands of a fellow jammer. Looks like she's in a good home. I bought it new from Bing shortly after Zeph had parted ways with them. I sold it when my girlfriend at the time was riding me about having too many boards. I shoulda ditched the girl rather than the trusty IsIs. Cheers brotha!
  10. FryedGuy
    FryedGuy DownSouthSlidah
    Hi there, I just saw pictures of your IsIs posted. It used to be mine. If you're the person I sold it to I believe your name Carlos but i might be mistaken. Anyway, if you ever do think about selling it I would greatly appreciate it if you'd consider selling it back to me. Thanks a bunch! Chris